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New Intorqa Briefing

Cheating threatens the business model of mobile gaming. Whether it's bots damaging the game experience and driving players away, or private servers displaying adult content in games designed for children, cheating and the businesses behind it can no longer be ignored.

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Game changing game security

Welcome to Intorqa

We are the first threat intelligence provider dedicated to making video gaming fairer and safer, by helping publishers and developers more effectively reduce cheating and the other exploits that threaten their player experience and long-term business model.

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The challenge

Threats such as cheating, account fraud, farming and collusion affect an increasing number of games.  The growing importance of live service games, increasing development times and rising costs make these problems even more acute.

All anti-cheat and enforcement activities rely on accurate and timely intelligence, but manual intelligence-gathering techniques are not sufficient to deal with the scale of the problem.

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All the relevant data when Game Security needs it

Combining automated monitoring of the web and social media, with infiltration techniques, we provide deeper, focused insight into specific video game threat communities.


Our data enables our customers to:

- Prioritize work more effectively

- Patch the game more quickly

- Undertake more efficient legal enforcement

- Measure the outcomes of these activities

A SaaS solution with a unique dataset

Graphs and analysis from the ntorqa SaaS platform user interface

Using a system of tags tailored to your games, we capture, organize and provide the relevant data with minimal noise.

Analytics tools enable you to visualize an entire cheat eco-system and identify the biggest threats quickly,

Sources include cheat vendors and their social channels, marketplaces, and public and private cheat forums. 

We use aged personas to infiltrate and engage with the most exclusive cheat channels on Discord and Telegram.

Player Impact Analysis - Get the full picture

With our new Player Impact  Analysis security teams can identify, investigate and measure the specific issues players are discussing and complaining about in their online communities.


This provides an up-to-date measure of fairness in a game and means teams can see how players are feeling at any moment to evaluate the effectiveness of their security strategies and understand what needs to be done in future to further improve fairness and player safety.

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Breaking the game loop

What really happens the moment a player encounters a cheat? How does it make them feel? Do they always notice? Will they stop playing? Do they all react the same way?

In the first project of its kind, Intorqa partnered with Brainamics, a neurotech startup, to conduct tests to analyze players' brain activity and emotions in a Multiplayer FPS game with cheats. 

Take a look at our recent webinar for the Fair Play Alliance to see what happened:

Our mission

Intorqa was launched with a clear mission - to keep gaming fair and safe. We do this by providing publishers and developers with insight into the cheating ecosystem that surrounds their games because we believe intelligence is the best weapon against disruptive communities. If you're interested in working with us as a client, partner, or colleague, we'd be happy to hear from you.

“If I was going to set up a company, it would be Intorqa."

Senior Security Analyst

"Intorqa has made our research team 400% more efficient."

Game Security Director

“Intorqa's proactivity is one of the things that makes them the best supplier we work with.”

Fraud Manager

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