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Intorqa Profiles. A CRM tool for...cheats?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Introducing Profiles, a Threat Management Database to manage an ever growing threat landscape, and collect vital new intelligence on the cheat developers and other bad actors who operate around video games.

Since launching Intorqa in 2021 we’ve helped a variety of AAA Game Security teams efficiently uncover more cheats, more quickly, and better protect their players’ experiences.

But surfacing cheats and threats is just the first step. Just as important, and challenging, is managing all the data this involves, as behind each threat there is a network of support tools, developers and admins as well as storefronts, forums and chat groups, each with their own connected framework of online identities.

Understanding this landscape can be overwhelming, with hundreds of channels, thousands of actors and an incredible amount of posts. This can lead to inefficiencies as data is collected from multiple sources and stored around the business in different departments by a variety of stakeholders, in various formats, from spreadsheets to screenshots.

And when you're sometimes tripling the number of cheat developers and vendors a security team's aware of, you can in effect end up providing clients with too much data!

That's when Game Security teams told us that an equivalent to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool would be a huge help.

Which is why, in our latest update, we’re launching Profiles.

Like SalesForce or Freshworks, but instead of using customer data to help sell more, it manages data on cheat developers and other threats to protect games more efficiently.

In effect, a Threat Management Database TMD)

Building upon Intorqa’s unique Gaming Threat Intelligence solution and research tools, publishers and developer security teams can build a 360 degree view of threats with no blind spots; not just of the cheats and unauthorized digital goods that threaten the player experience and economy, but the platforms they use and the people behind them.

Profiles manages data from across cheat ecosystems in one place

Game security teams can uncover insights into cheats, the channels they use and the personas behind them, and connect related threats together. (If you thought Kevin Bacon was connected to lots of people, what until you see some of the most successful cheat developers!)

Building connections for a cheat reseller in Profiles

In turn creating a comprehensive dossier for executive, legal or engineering teams to fully understand the threats that their community faces and the actions required to safeguard the community.

Critically, to enhance collaboration across teams, colleagues with access to Profiles can add data and evidence from other sources, as well as insights and opportunities they identify to create a single view of everything known about a threat. Nothing against Excel, but it wasn't designed to capture and track a fast moving threat landscape!

And because Profiles sits within the Intorqa platform, it can be integrated with our analytics functionality, to incorporate measurement of a threat's activity and crucially evaluation of the action taken against that threat.

In summary, as your single integrated source for all 1st and 3rd party data surfaced on any threat or bad actor, Profiles will further automate, streamline and optimise your security planning and activity. Making it easier to take on the key bad actors through patches and updates, issuing notices to comms channels, or legal litigation against the developers and vendors.

Above all, Profiles will help you to protect the player experience better than ever before.

As Martin Holroyd, Intorqa's CEO says, “We’ve taken years of experience and best practice from working with the biggest publishers in the industry to create a world class experience, and one which will help put anyone who wants to hurt your game on the back foot.”

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